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Full Service Family Law Attorney Providing Swift and Compassionate Resolutions to Family Legal Problems
At Plummer Law Firm, we provide customized legal solutions to meet your family's specific needs.

Nothing is more important than family. We understand this at Plummer Law Firm, and we have devoted our entire legal practice to issues that concern families.

Our attorney, Lilly Plummer, has practiced family law, immigration law and Social Security disability law for children for more than 20 years. She is also a certified family law mediator, as well as a former prosecutor and defense attorney in Texas representing parents in Child Protective Services (CPS) cases. She understands family legal problems and how to resolve them quickly, inexpensively and as painlessly as possible. Our law firm represents clients throughout the Permian Basin and West Texas.

Odessa Lawyer Handling Specific Legal Issues Relevant To Families

While other law firms may boast of a laundry list of legal services, Plummer Law Firm focuses on a few specific areas of law particularly related to families and children. These include:

     - Defense of parental rights/Child Protective Services petitions, including allegations of child abuse
     - Immigration waivers (pardons/perdones) and children's visas
     - Divorce mediation and negotiation
     - Contested child custody issues
     - Disability law for children/Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Legal Solutions Customized To Your Family, Your Values, And Your Beliefs

At Plummer Law Firm, we genuinely enjoy our work, and we are committed to providing compassionate, personalized legal services to each of our clients. Unlike some firms, we do not try to take as many cases as possible. We are highly selective in the cases we take. This gives us the ability to provide each of our clients with the high level of personal service they need and deserve.

Our firm was founded on these core values:

- Excellence. Our firm endeavors to provide high-quality legal advice, with attention paid to even the smallest detail.
- Integrity. We honor the fiduc
iary duty implied by the attorney-client relationship and unequivocally uphold these standards.
- Attentiveness. We do our best to respond quickly to our clients' needs while staying informed about changing laws and policies.
- Family focus. We have a family-based office culture and a highly qualified staff. We are committed to our community, and we serve on many community boards.
- Cost-effectiveness. We strive to balance the cost of providing legal services with the need to maintain first-rate work. We seek out and invest in technology and other cost-saving methods to provide clients with first-rate service at the lowest cost.

Call Today. La Abogada Habla Español!

We make every effort to find creative, cost-effective and efficient legal solutions to our clients' problems. We take each case very seriously, and we attempt to return all correspondence within 24 hours.

Retain us, and we will assist you in preparing, understanding and collecting key components to your case with extensive, detailed start-up packages available for each type of case. We will keep you informed and in control at every stage of your legal journey.
To discuss your legal matter with our experienced lawyer, call us at 432-580-5459. Our attorney speaks fluent Spanish.

Nothing is more important than family. That is why I have devoted my entire legal practice to issues concerning families.